March 2021, Marfa, TX

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Arist Biography

   Keeley Morgan completed her BFA at the University of Texas at Austin where she developed a practice centered around photography. Her work focuses on themes of family, the home, and what it means to age. Keeley has been sharing her love of art through her work as an art educator for the past three years. She lives and works in her hometown of Houston, Texas as an artist with the Box13 Artspace.

Artist Statement

    I use photography as a tool to delve into the intricate tapestry of family dynamics and the concept of home. I find myself captivated by the perpetual cycles of responsibility and rediscovery that unfold as family members mature and eventually pass on, leaving behind a trail of memories.
    Time is an intangible yet an essential element in the creation of my artwork. Employing the medium of film photography, I embrace the virtues of patience and intentionality, encouraging a slow and deliberate approach to observation. This deliberate process allows me to embark on a therapeutic journey of restaging moments from the past, intimately connecting with my subjects while acknowledging the richness of their past experiences and the significance of the moments I capture. Each image becomes a reflection of emotions and memories, an opportunity to confront and embrace the complexities of family life. As I recreate these scenes, I find healing in the act of revisiting and reinterpreting these moments that are essential to my personal experience.
    The notion of home, both as a physical space and an emotional anchor, serves as a recurring motif in my work. I seek to uncover the layers of meaning embedded in the walls, the artifacts, and the shared experiences of the familial sanctuary. Within these spaces, I explore the unspoken narratives that shape our identities and connections.
    My photography becomes a bridge between the past, the present, and the future. It is an exploration of tradition and transformation. I invite viewers to embark on their own introspective journeys as they encounter my images, encouraging them to reflect on their own familial bonds and the concept of home that resonates with their personal experience. The ultimate goal being to foster a sense of unity in the shared human experience.


Ziegiest Workshop Exhibition, Houston Center for Photography, Houston, TX

From Afar, Visual Arts Center, Austin, TX
Uncomfortably Casual, Visual Arts Center, Austin, TX

In Plato’s Cave, Visual Arts Center, Austin, TX
CORE Annual Student Work Show, Dotty Fine Arts Building Basement Gallery, Austin, TX

CORE Annual Student Work Show, Dotty Fine Arts Building Basement Gallery, Austin, TX

CORE Annual Student Work Show, Dotty Fine Arts Building Basement Gallery, Austin, TX